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More reasons MobileCashier is the perfect fit for your business

MobileCashier Payments

All solutions are configurable to your needs

Build MobileCashier to fit

MobileCashier comes fully customizable upon your activation. Each solution has its own set of settings that you can manage at any time to have it fit in with your business processes. Build and maintain consistent branding and tone of communication, regardless of logged in user.

Your team can build unlimited custom payment types, estimate and texting templates and more to create
a cohesive and efficient communication and payment collection tool — and all easily from within your dashboard.
Set up couldn't be easier!


Your accounting team will love you

Configure the payments solution to help make sending and reconciling payments a breeze!

Custom Payment Types

Create payment types to keep your accounting team organized, ie: Accounts Receivable, Leasing Fee, Parts, etc.

Great for multiple departments

Creating specific payment types for individual departments makes tracking and balancing payments simple and efficient

Manage the message

Add custom message to each payment type to provide consistent communication when sending payment requests

Reporting by type

Easily filter by payment type and date to print or export reports for account reconciliation or to track activity by department


Clear communication is key

Create unlimited text templates to ensure your communication is always on brand

Consistent communication

Build templates for frequently used responses and communication so all messaging is reflective of your business


Pre-built templates reduces grammatical errors that can easily be created typing, especially if using a mobile device

Create efficiency

Select and apply a custom template in seconds right from conversation panel — reducing keystrokes and saving time

Personalization and branding

Create templates with easy-to-add keys that will auto-populate recipient name, sender's name and more.


Quoting has never been easier

Easily prepare, send and track your estimates that look and read professionally and include all the details your customers need.

Estimate Type Templates

Build templates for all items that you quote, with a defined type heading, description, price breakdown including taxes

Faster creation and sending

Reducing keystroking and human error in sending quotes faster with one click and select from drop down list of items

Track by type

Easily track your sent and approved estimates by type allowing you to export or print specific reporting for any item

Itemized multiple items

Build your estimates to include multiple items, selecting from any of your pre-built templates or enter information manually


MobileCashier is user friendly

Going Mobile and App free!

Cloud-based software

MobileCashier makes it easy for your team to work from anywhere! Work on desktop or on any mobile device with our responsive and powerful cloud-based web software

No App required

Consumers prefer not to have to install more apps to access company services, and with MobileCashier’s ability to send payment links and estimates by text or email there’s no need to!

Connect your team

Internal Team Chat

(Available on our Pro Plan)
Internal Chat allows all team members to communicate with a click of a button. Create Team Chats to include multiple users so everyone is part of the important company conversations.


Multi-Location View

(Available on our Pro Plan)
Sign up multiple locations so all your stores or divisions have the same powerful communication tools. Our Group View allows dedicated team members to easily see all location activity at a glance.