MobileCashier™ : One-stop solution for digitizing your payment and communication workflow



Getting paid has never been easier with MobileCashier™

MobileCashier Payments

Receiving payment should be easy and pain free

1 %
of shoppers

have abandoned a purchase because the checkout process was not seamless

1 %
of customers

have said that contactless payments are more convenient and preferred

1 %
of businesses

plan to expand their business plans to include digital payment methods in 2022

Payments is the core of the MobileCashier™ suite

MobileCashier™ provides a frictionless payment experience while empowering small and mid-sized merchants to digitize their payment workflow — all done seamlessly, securely and efficiently.

Receive payment in seconds

Fully Customizable

Track all payments in real-time

Request and collect secure payment compliantly — by text or email!

The smoothest payment process possible

Preferred Channel

Seamless payment experience in the communication channel customers use most

Fast and Efficient

Get paid faster — create payment requests sent by text or email and receive payment in seconds

Invoice Summary

Create invoice summary from approved Estimate with details to send with request for payment

Customer Privacy

Customers add their private payment information and credit details through secure online portal

Real-time Updates

Transactions and payment notifications to customer and merchant processed in real-time

Payment Reporting

All payments are tracked, showing status of paid, pending or declined in centralized dashboard


Mobile friendly cloud-based software

Working off site or on the road? No problem. MobileCashier™ is a fully mobile and responsive software solution. Access all the functionality of your payments page from anywhere! Staff can easily send a link for payment or check on the status of other payments — all from a mobile device