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Communicate with customers in their preferred channel

MobileCashier Texting

Improve communication and response time

1 %
of texts

will be opened and read in under 3 minutes

1 %
of customers

prefer to be texted vs calling or email


is the average response time for an SMS

MobileCashier™ is an essential engagement tool

Turn conversations into revenue and boost your brand

It’s clear that over 90% of customers prefer text messaging from companies over email and phone calls. With MobileCashier™ texting platform, you can give them exactly what they want — and more!

MobileCashier Texting

Preferred Channel

Engage with customers anywhere in the method they prefer

Real Engagement

Two-way texting dashboard allows real-time conversations

Build Loyalty

Engage customers with relevant text messages that drive retention

MobileCashier Grow Business

Grow your Business

Promote text number on social media sites to grow your client list

Today's technology is constantly changing how we do business

We make texting simple, intuitive and easy-to-use

Shared visibility

Monitor all conversations from one centralized number accessed from desktop or mobile device via cloud-based software

New Message Alerts

Dashboard will alert you to new unread text messages so you never miss incoming communication or mark unread for future follow up

Conversation History

All conversation history is stored, searchable and downloadable displaying full content, date and time and staff interaction

Add Media

Attach media to any text message. Click and select your image, video or PDF to send directly to cusomer's mobile device for easy viewing

Boost Productivity

Pre-build templates for frequently used messages and responses to save time and provide the same level of customer service every time

One-click Translation

Communicate in any language. Type and translate any outgoing message, or translate incoming text to preferred language

The benefits of MobileCashier™

Take a look at some of the benefits for your growing business